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In Moodle+ you will find a range of resources to support the creation, development and improvement of art in primary and secondary schools. It is our job to provide learners with the opportunity to become creative artists who they can only be if given the environment, opportunities and resources with the support of their teachers of art. Art education when taught well should engage, inspire and challenge pupils to express themselves through the creation of their own works of art, craft and design.  The resources in Moodle+ aim to help you teach exciting art that allows learners to progress their skills, knowledge and understanding.

The resources will be added to regularly and will include strategies to support learners, teaching ideas, resources to develop leadership and up to date links to the art world.

In Moodle+ Preview there will be a flavour of resources from the full documents available in Moodle+.

Resources include:

  • Exemplar schemes of work to respond to the EYFS, National Curriculum across the age ranges.

  • Assessment  guidance to inform achievement considering progression and age related expectations

  • A wealth of resources to support task design in the classroom

  • Guidance to support subject leadership and innovation.

Please use the hyperlinks below to view the samples:


Making the National Curriculum come alive

  • Exemplar scheme of work ‘Sculptural Journeys’ (Year 5/6) putting art planning into action following the Spring 2018 art support workshop (adaptable for all years).

Assessment in art

Create a system to assess art that considers progression, skills and experiences.

  • An example (adaptable) of an accessible class assessment approach.

Ensuring for progression in art

  • What to consider for Sculpture in KS2 (5&6)


Writing guidance considering the KS4 assessment objectives

  • Some support prompts for writing across the journey of the assessment objectives.

Effective Long term planning for subject leaders

The key overview will identify which art experiences will be taught and when. It will relate to the programmes of study and will identify a balance of experiences to ensure continuity and progression in learning. There will be a continuous focus on drawing and as pupils get older the disciplines can be more easily interrelated.

  • An example of a long term plan to ensure a rigorous coverage.

Assessment considering Age related Expectations to support KS2-3 progress

  • An assessment taster using work developed from HAM and extended to include the consideration of emerging age related expectations (year 6).
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