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    Take part in Using Sketchbooks at Key Stages 1 and 2 – 9 February and 28 March 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    Exploring how the use of a sketchbook can be a very effective way of encouraging children to value their own thinking and
    learn from it.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Use a sketchbook as a research tool - to explore, experiment, organise and store information, both for use in the present and in the future
    • Understand that the sketchbook may be used to record written as well as visual thoughts and that it has an important role to play in increasing the use of literacy within the art curriculum
    • Be able to further use some of the approaches as a springboard for their own exploration and experience in the classroom
    • Have a clear understanding of how to use the sketchbook to share a learning journey and for assessment
    • Be able to use a wider range of activities more effectively in order to record progression in learning and raise standards in sketchbook use at Key Stage 2
    • To have an appreciation of how the sketchbook can be used at Key Stage 1 in preparation for the statutory requirements in the next Key Stage.

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Using Sketchbooks 

    Price: Sub £380 / SLA £305 / Full £456

    Last chance to book - Be Ofsted Ready for a ‘Deep Dive’ into Art 2022 (Webinar) – 6 December 2022, 12 January and 8 February 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    These three sessions will enable art subject leaders to be aware and equipped with the information to plan for a ‘Deep Dive’ into Art.

    The sessions are designed to consider the following aspects about a primary art and design curriculum offer:

    • Developing a long–term plan to reflect themes, skills, materials, visual language and links to artists, craftmakers and designers.  
    • Embedding learning journeys into medium planning to include opportunities to explore, experiment, record, present and evaluate work. 
    • What assessment systems have you to be able to know how well children are doing and to inform what is needed for teaching and learning in the future? 
    • What professional development opportunities are needed / provided to support and skill staff to engage and provide an exciting art curriculum in your school. 

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Art Ofsted 2022

    Price: Sub £620 / SLA £565 / Full £744

    Sign up now to the Climate Unity: Art Workshop 22-23 (Webinar) – 11 January and 21 February 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    Following the successful Our Climate Change Forest project 2020-21 and Our Climate Unity project 2020-21, you are invited to participate in the continuation project to address a range of perspectives on the climate issue facing us all and to provide an opportunity for these perspectives.

    This workshop will provide ideas and inspiration for you to develop artwork that can contribute to art exhibitions (virtual and physical) with and by Hampshire schools and in your own school. It will enable you to contribute your school’s message and to raise awareness about climate change, unity, stewardship, and environmental issues.

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Climate Unity

    Price: Sub £335 / SLA £285 / Full £402

    (Edited by Jenny Wei - original submission Thursday, 24 November 2022, 10:07 AM)

    (Edited by Jenny Wei - original submission Thursday, 24 November 2022, 10:07 AM)

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