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Be Ofsted ready for a ‘Deep Dive’ into Art 23-24 – 8 November 2023, 31 January and 28 March 2024

Be Ofsted ready for a ‘Deep Dive’ into Art 23-24 – 8 November 2023, 31 January and 28 March 2024

by Hannah Richardson -
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These three sessions will enable art subject leaders to be aware and equipped with the information to plan for a ‘Deep Dive’ into Art. 

The sessions are designed to consider the following aspects about a primary art and design curriculum offer:  

  • Intent, Implementation and Impact for a primary art, craft, and design curriculum?  
  • What is my vision for art, is it reflected in my curriculum statement?  
  • Developing a long-term plan to reflect themes, skills, materials, visual language, and links to artists, craftsmakers and designers.  
  • Coverage and sequencing of skills and considerations about progression across year groups and Key Stages.  
  • Embedding learning journeys into medium planning to include opportunities to explore, experiment, record, present and evaluate work.  
  • How do you organise and timetable art in the curriculum, what other opportunities are offered?  
  • How do you monitor the quality and content of the intention of the art offer?  
  • What assessment systems have you to be able to know how well children are doing and to inform what is needed for teaching and learning in the future?  
  • What opportunities are provided to enrich children’s experiences and knowledge about art and design both inside and outside of the classroom?  
  • How do you/can you share and promote the exciting teaching and learning that is happening in and from your art curriculum?  
  • What professional development opportunities are needed/provided to support and skill staff to engage and provide an exciting art curriculum in your school.

Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Deep Dive 23  

Price: Sub £660 / SLA £580 / Full £792