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Schools Lockdown Arts Activity and Resources

Schools Lockdown Arts Activity and Resources

by Jayne Stillman -
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This is an opportunity to participate in a schools Lockdown Arts activity as a part of some PhD research being undertaken by Elaine McNeil, School Liaison Officer at the Liverpool School of Art and Design.

As the COVID-19 pandemic left us adjusting to a very different way of life - several of us home schooling for the first time - the arts sector is playing a huge part in devising imaginative ways to help reduce social isolation and manage the mental health and wellbeing of communities.

The aim is to explore how arts activities can be useful during epidemics and in particular how children and teenagers can process, reflect and capture their experiences of lockdown by engaging with labyrinth activities.

For full info and links, please visit our Schools Lockdown Arts Activity page under the Getting Involved section of the Open Resources area.